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Your Name For example, type "Jane Smith" and press TAB
Campus ID Number
Type your FULL ID number plus your campus code: ATSU(staff), CMU, CS, HLG, KCOM(students), MACC, MVC, SFCC, STC, TSU then TAB
Type your PIN*.

*If you do not have a PIN, leave this field blank. You will then be prompted to create one after clicking "Submit." If you have forgotten your PIN, click the link below to reset it.


PIN Help

A valid PIN consists of up to 30 alphanumeric characters.

The PIN must not contain common trivial patterns. For example:

  • A character that is consecutively repeated three or more times(for example, aaaa, ababa, bbbb).
  • A set of up to four characters is that is consecutively repeated two or more times (for example, abab, abcabc, abcdabcd).
Campus ID Help

Type your ID number (dashes are not necessary) plus your institution code.

  • A.T. Still University - ATSU (staff), KCOM (students)
  • Central Methodist University - CMU
  • Culver-Stockton College - CS
  • Hannibal-LaGrange University - HLG
  • Missouri Valley College - MVC
  • Moberly Area Community College - MACC
  • State Fair Community College - SFCC
  • State Technical College of Missouri - 00 + State Tech ID + STC. For example, if your State Tech ID is 123456, enter 00123456STC.
  • Truman State University - TSU

For example: 999999999MVC would be a Campus ID for a student at Missouri Valley College.